In a past life I successfully managed large IT projects. The work was challenging, detailed, demanding, ever changing and completely uninspiring, but I was a natural, disappointingly gifted at it. I believe, as Picasso stated "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."  As a child, I had a fascination with photography that began with a camera that could always be found around my father's neck. I remember my excitement in combing through all of the pictures that my father had taken during that year's family vacation to find that one picture that captured the feeling of the trip. For years, with my camera in hand, I continued to search for that unique photo that captured that special moment in time. When cameras became digital, two of my loves- technology and photography- fueled my interest and desire to develop my craft professionally.

My love of photography is driven by moments. Photography allows moments to be more than, just moments. I'm no longer just along for the ride, photography allows me to influence the duration of moments. With one click of my camera I make the decision which moments no matter how brief deserve more time. And life is filled with moments that deserve to be preserved forever.

Picture Taker
Water Swimmer
Light Connoisseur
Idea Generator
Team Player
Risk Taker
Dream Chaser 
Coffee Drinker
Sunshine Soaker
Quirky Explorer
Photography Lover

My images have been displayed in galleries throughout Washington, DC and I was recently named gold winner in Washington, DC's premier photography exhibit,Foto Week DC.